Getting You A Delinquency Solution.

eWrit Filings Results

Our results are your results. We provide you with a technology that lets you keep up with the process as it is happening. We take the headache of the process away. See how eWrit Filings’ solutions can work not only for you, but have worked for our current clients.

Our Solutions

Our technology platform is a web based, case processing and case management system that allows eWrit clients to effortlessly and very quickly initiate rent suits, to electronically update their filings with dismissals and amendments, to track court dates, court results, order warrants of restitution, and to see numerous practical reports all by simply logging into the web.

Gone are the days of spreadsheets, faxes, and scanning suit lists.  The time savings alone is worth it!  There is no need to wait for return phone calls or emails. All of your information is immediately available to you on the web with the click of a mouse. Not only is our technology very simple to use, its web based reporting features allow property managers, regional managers, and owners to track the progress of their employees’ suit lists, dismissals, and writ orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Worried that cases are not being submitted on time or that cases are being dismissed that should not be? Our technology will report to you the date, time, and person responsible for all submissions. This same transparency applies to eWrit, allowing our customers to track our performance with their delinquency matters at any time.

Our Clients Say It The Best

  • As a specialist in rent collections and delinquency reduction, I have found that it is imperative to work with a filing company that is highly responsive and that can obtain the best possible court dates. eWrit Filings is equipped with a cutting edge case management software that maximizes the efficiency of the site teams during the filing process. In addition, they provide reporting that tracks every action allowing for transparency for Regional Managers and corporate team members. If you are looking for superior service, time savings for your site teams and excellent court dates, I highly recommend using eWrit Filings.

    Felicia Queen Leadership Performance Group
  • THE fastest court dates in the industry! This is just one of the reasons why eWrit quickly demonstrated why they should be our vendor of choice. With every interaction, with every staff member, it is quite evident that they are well trained, polished, and highly professional. eWrit understands that developing a proactive delinquency reduction plan, that is unique for its customer’s individual and ever changing needs, requires detailed communication. The company’s years of combined experience, and their pursuit of excellence in all that they do, is the reason why I would have no hesitation hiring eWrit again in the future.

    Tory Graves, Regional Manager Shelter Properties, LLC
  • EWrit has provided exceptional service for our Baltimore communities on a consistent basis. Improving overall delinquency by nearly 5% of GPR year-over-year portfolio wide. The expedited filings, user-friendly software interface and legal consulting have all lent to our success as a region since joining forces with EWrit. The frequent communication and expert advisement have grown our knowledge base as a company new to Baltimore. EWrit is a great partner and will be a preferred vendor for years to come as our portfolio on the East Coast continues to grow.

    Bethany Bowers, Area Director Village Green Holdings, LLC.
  • Our court filing process has never been better since we partnered with eWrit. Their propriety web based filing system simplifies the entire court filing cycle, from initial filings to evictions. Even the no rights of redemptions are easier. Running reports is effortless promoting accountability and transparency for managing the court filing process.
    While the technology is great – eWrit really shines when it comes to their staff. Always eager and available for assistance, the eWrit team always goes the extra mile to ensure that all our questions or concerns are promptly and thoroughly addressed. They are open minded to explore ways to improve our collaboration which led to eWrit scheduling our evictions. If that was not enough, we were thrilled to discover that eWrit also provides comprehensive training and consulting services to their clients. Our staff has been the beneficiary of these valuable services that have been professionally delivered with great enthusiasm steeped in years of industry experience. I highly recommend that you provide eWrit with the opportunity to show your organization what they have done for ours.

    Ethan Frey, COO Blue Ocean Realty
  • eWrit is top notch in helping us reach our goals. We benefit from their reporting platform, resident ledger integration and personal involvement in the processing workflow and follow up. Because of how efficiently they operate we are able to get better court dates, faster writs and overall better collections or possession because of the program and service they provide.
    The team, including Amy Mays and Evelyn Hodge, ensure we are satisfied, not missing any data on our suit lists and help us catch any foreseeable mistakes to ensure filing efficiency. Thank you to the eWrit team for the great product and service!

    Jesse Martinez, Residential Portfolio Manager Polinger Company
  • I’ve known Amy Mays for several years in the industry. She’s competitive, approachable and very resourceful. Polinger Company utilizes her expertise in our leasing and sales training program. Amy has this uncanny ability to connect with our teams, because she’s been there! She truly believes in her heart what sells. Amy has a passion for Property Management that is unparalleled in this industry. She’s a true asset to Ownership and Management. You will find no one better! She’s our best kept secret…till now.

    Kim Cueva, Director of Marketing Polinger Company