Meet Our Team

Amy Mays

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Amy is an innovative and strategic marketer and salesperson with over 20 years in the property management industry. She has an extensive background in acquisitions and dispositions, stabilized properties and lease-ups. Amy has put her years of experience to work for our clients by offering leadership, leasing and customer service training. Amy’s motto: Inform. Engage. Inspire. And that is exactly what she does in her client workshops all while being a brand ambassador for eWrit Filings!

Evelyn Hodge

Director of Operations

Evelyn has over 30 years of property management experience in Maryland. She has a proven track record of reducing delinquency and has established exceptional relationships with county and government agencies. She has worked most positions in the business, most recently as a Regional Manager. Evelyn oversees the Rent Court Agents and our daily processes to ensure timely filings for all clients.

Sheila Leslie

Rent Court Agent

Sheila has over 25 years of property management experience and has an extensive background working in and managing properties in Baltimore City. Sheila was known for her ability to reduce delinquency. Sheila’s experience and tenure have allowed her to establish solid relationships with city and government agencies.

Annemarie Wilt

Rent Court Agent

Annemarie has been a Rent Court Agent for 16 years. Her experience in every county in Maryland makes her an invaluable asset to eWrit.

Andrea Rice

Client Care Specialist

Andrea has over 10 years of property management experience from Leasing Consultant to Property Manager and everything in-between.

Ruth Allen

Client Care Specialist

Ruth joined us after working for a collections attorney for several years as a Production Clerk. Her keen eye for detail and her love for processing makes her ideal for eWrit and for our clients.